Monday, July 14, 2008

Everyone else is stupid

Originally, my last lesson was suppose to go entail crosswind landing but the weather again did not want to cooperate. It was sunny and perfectly calm. So instead, we took a short trip north to an uncontrolled airport in Paso Robles. My replacement plane N5173V was out of service for the day, so I flew yet another plane, N124ME. This was my last flight before my month long vacation.

Entering the Pattern
My instructor had one piece of advice for me. "Assume everyone else is stupid." You cannot be sure of what anyone else is going to do, especially at an uncontrolled strip with a lot of traffic. As we came withing ten miles of the airstrip, the radio was already buzzing with activity. With at least one aircraft already in the pattern, I found it hard to get my radio call in edgewise as three other aircraft announced their positions, all about ten miles away in some direction. One plane was two mile ahead. Another had left San Luis just before we did and was only a few miles behind. Meanwhile, another aircraft approached from the north on a nonstandard entry to the pattern. With some detailed communication and circling by other aircraft, everyone space themselves out quite nicely. I successfully performed three touch and goes in this busy environment.

The key to today's flight: Constant communication with other aircraft. It help immensely to know where everyone was, and to let everyone else know where we were.

Flight Time Logged: 1.1
Total Flight Time:10.1

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